XEVA is the artistic name of Yoo Seung-Baik, who was born in Seoul in 1983. in 1999, and his graffiti first started on the streets in Seoul. He attended Art high-school at the time and started spraypainting figure and neighborhood in modern society under the influence of American artist ‘Chuck Close’. He worked photo realism style with the first generation of graffiti artists in South Korea. However he had limitations in photo realism style creation, and gradually developed into an abstract one with a variety of colors and motifs of the modern city. Now with more diverse and experimental work, XEVA style continue to developing.
XEVA extended the word ‘Space’ to a new concept called “COSMOS”. The idea of the artist trying to get beyond the limits of the world surrounding daily life, that is, physical space. His work images, including the semi-abstract and the icon, will suggest the new experience that the audiences have never encountered before. In his previous works, the face of the character series that the artist has explored keeps happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy at the same time. The theme of his works - the artist himself, neighborhoods, and many significant historical figures had been suggested the face to inner emotions whereas. Recently, the abstract-geometric image works was indicate a dream of imagination cosmos. Abstract graffiti of the artist is a new attempt to infinitely expand each entity. XEVA says, “ I want to express my theme by using spraypaint more powerfully and unconventionally than any medium. It’s an attempt to go beyond the limits of spraypaint and the conquest of spraypaint itself as a media. My art, which is characterized by a harmony of sophisticated images and composition, is a creative and unique painting that aims to get away from a one-dimensional. “ ( at Museum Ground interview 2019. )
NewYork (5point) , London , Hongkong , Lima , Trujillo (Peru) , Taipei , Kaohsiung , Tokyo , Shanghai.
2017 KT&G SangSangmadang Gallery Chun-cheon (Flick)
2016 FIFTY FIFTY Gallery Gangnam (Neighborhood)
2013 IANG Gallery invitation Show (Research)

2019 Lotte Museum of Art (To The Moon with SNOOPY)
2019 Museum Ground (My Space)
2019 Gyeonggido Museum of Modern Art (Do you want to do Public art?)
2018 Wooyang Museum of Contemporary Art (GRAFFITI : Revenge of street art)
2017 Understand Evenue Sungsu (Kraffiti)
2017 Peru Trujillo Public Art (Exchange) by Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2016 Asia Culture Center Gwangju (Club Monster)
2015 Sinsajang Gangnam (The Present) by AXOO agency
2014 Gyeonggido Museum of Modern Art (Art of the Street : Graffiti art)
2014 Gallery 175 Seoul (Categorising)
2014 Seoul Open Art Fair (Absolut x Emerging Artist)
2013 Shinhan Gallery Yeoksam (Research for Face)
2012 Mixture Experiment Itawon (Mad Cube Show)
2012 Gallery Toast Bangbae (Five Doors)
2010 Agit Busan (Urban Connection #1)
2009 Sungkok Museum Project (Just Art)
2009 Seoul Open Art Fair (Emerging Artist)
2009 Platoon Kusthalle Chungdam (Irrelevant answers) by 420ml
2008 Gallery Vision Tokyo (Graffiti Boxing !) by Dig&Bury
2007 Samduk Mansion (Art in Daegu 2007)